Meet the seven talented designers who will compete for a cash prize in the Costume Couture Fashion Show.

Don’t miss your chance to see these out-of-this-world costume couture creations during HighBall Halloween 2022.

Lynn is a self-taught artist with a focus on painting and wearable art. Lynn has a passion for creating art for the body through both body paint and costuming. Her style is creative and bold. She enjoys creating whimsical mixed media pieces that combine found objects with paint, body paint, metal, plastic and elements of fashion. She enjoys collaborating with other artists and often uses them as models in her projects. Lynn’s work can be found in local and national media and galleries in Columbus, OH.

Shiree is a stay at home mom who freelances as a costume designer out of her home in Pickerington, OH. She has placed amongst the top 3 designers in Highball Halloween’s Costume Couture Contest 9 out of 10 participating years. Her designs are frequently featured in New Vision Dance Co. productions & with a variety of local entertainment companies. Shiree has her MFA in Design from OSU and a BA in Theatre from Miami University. She is passionate about using her theatrical background to create memorable moments both on & off stage.

Jesamie is a designer born in Ohio and a recent Valedictorian graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design. With a background in fine arts and music, Jesamie decided to become a fashion designer after realizing that the most beautiful and emotional form of art is expressed on the human body. With this in mind, he draws inspiration from architecture, music, and the ever so inspiring people in his life. Music taste and personal style are the two of the most personal and unique aspects of who someone is to Jesamie, so he looks to explore those empowering aspects in his work.

Rachel has experience in bringing a creative concept to life from start to finish. Fashion design developed out of a necessity for Rachel. After starting with photography as a creative endeavor she realized many of her photography concepts needed specific wardrobe to bring to life, so she got to work. This necessity developed into a creative skill unto itself. She has now been featured in Highball Halloween, Alternative Fashion week, and multiple national publications. While her focus in fashion is on custom and couture pieces she also has a love for costuming, including cosplay and drag.

This will be Que and Steve’s 4th year collaborating for highball Halloween. With larger than life designs, of seemingly impossible functions, the duos designs always leave an impression. From a functioning fountain, to the Sydney Opera House, highball highlights clothes truly bigger than life. Que performs as drag queen Gretta Goodbottom, and Steve is a master scenic builder. Put them together and you have a scary combination.

Willow is a special effects artist that has been working in the field for 6 years in varying arenas from film, theater and art installations. No matter what someone’s native tongue is the overarching language of art can reach people in their truest of hearts. She strives to use art as a communication tool to make the audience confront their feelings ,ideas and beliefs.

Xantha and Steve have been together for over 25 years . Steve’s job description is Communication and restoration of cell towers after hurricanes and storms. He has always been creative in building mechanical machines for different jobs. Xantha the fashion designer, creates hats,bags, clothes, jewelry and couture over the top clothing etc. He has always helped her complete collections through out the years. He is involved in putting the venues together and putting the technical and communication side together for her. They decided to merge they’re talents together and intentionally create together to come up with something awesome.